domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

yjlozmez (insight)

you know what?
you're not alone
better yet
you're being watched
i will see the moon with you
if ya want me to
(and i might even howl)
suicide is not an option, ya know, is it?
i don't know
i could be different in new york city
it could be different if you
were in the worst biceps list
but, you know what, dude?
girls wouldn't make such a list
wouldn't they?
sure, they wouldn't
we wouldn't?
we gals don't make lists?
but you know what, we're not done!
and you know what?
you shouldn't be the suicidal kind
you got gutts
you brave
you confront guys
you don't look like
like what?
like a girl?
like i don't need a hug sometimes?
like i'm fragile below the mask?
that's why ya think i don't look like?
you're not lettin' me down
collages look at things like
school attendance
game attendance
your grades
things like that
oh, yeah, i know

fernando berton



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