viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016

¿Cuál viene a ser el tema de hoy?

I used to play tennis quite well when I was young, I said, and she looked at me with incredulous eyes.
Posta, le dije. Y ella siguió mirándome con esa mirada de venado tuerto.
Later that evening we had supper and we watched tv till it was that indefinite past where it's too late for an evening and too early for a night.
Me voy a dormir, she said.
I looked up at her: she was astonishing, as always she has been; she was bituiful, as always she was.
Sleep tight, le dije. I'll be there in a minute, let me wash up.
She smiled and said good night.
The first kiss wasn't better than the second one, it was exquisite, like our third glass of wine.
So delicate she was, so delightful.
Sleep tight, dije otra vez.
And up she went!
And there we go!


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