martes, 12 de julio de 2016

smoke dealers

having second thoughts, I think, and there's nothing much I can do 'bout
but there must always be something we can do I fancy, it's late I think, but I'm not sleepy tonite.
I'm sleepy every morning I think, when I wake up after a long nite without sleep, when I gotta go work, get myself a living, fight to make ends meet, sleep like a log I think but say nothing you see, I'm trying to forget about today maybe until tomorrow, I think in the middle of my sleep where I'm awake all night long, like a log I should be, not here I shouldn't be, like a paperback writer I shouldn't be I think, but I can't help it I mean, it's always the same beleive me every night and every day, I ask myself what the hell, I must gotta go to sleep and not be here you see, I'm not free though I beleive, you see, it's late, I'm having second thoughts and there's nothing much you wanna do 'bout.

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